August 01, 2011

Random Monday Madness: Archie in Hindi, and More

That's right, I said Archie in Hindi. Your old pals Archie, Betty, and Veronica are getting a South Asian makeover, and will soon be released in Hindi and Malayalam for audiences in India. Says the article:

"Fans can now expect Archie and Veronica to dance to the popular Bollywood number 'Aakhon ki gustakhiyaa' or see the gang sing some popular songs like the college classic 'Purani jeans' and oldie 'Kankariya maar ke jagaya' as smart chicks walk past the brood," [the co-CEO of Archie comics] added.
I'm sort of not sure how to react, to be honest. I kind of want to giggle. And I kind of feel horrified, like it's just another example of the McDonalds-ization and Disney-fication of everything. But really, if it's marketable and kids like reading it, I guess I'll just scratch my head and say ooookay.

Link courtesy of the SCBWI Expression newsletter.

On a totally different note, hooray for girls and science! My mom forwarded me an article entitled First-Place Sweep by American Girls at First Google Science Fair, and as I read it my mouth dropped in amazement at the amazing things budding scientists can do these days. You don't even want to know how lame MY science projects were.

Hey, parents and librarians and such: want author Laurel Snyder to come to your school? You're in luck--she's doing a HUGE Skype tour: 100 schools in 100 days, talking about writing and about her new book, BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX. Go check it out.

And, just a tiny plug, if you're in the Seattle area and you know any teens interested in writing: I (ME!) will be at the Lynnwood library on August 9 giving an hour-long workshop on voice. Jooooiiinnnn uuusssss.....

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