December 30, 2008

The View from my Window

Yeah, yeah, still with the infection-sweating-fever thing, but THIS is the view I have from my window. This bird is a woodpecker, and I'd have to have a better view of him to identify him, since he wasn't very cooperative. But isn't his "hair" great?

Books like The Knife of Never Letting Go, according to the UK rag (and believe me, it's considered inflamnatory Enquirer-like trash by most people with whom I've spoken) The Daily Mail are "so violent they need a health warning", according to Dr Rona Tutt. Author snipes back, in The Guardian, and the fun continues.

The most fun is that I just got this in the mail (THANK YOU Colleen!!) and am going to sit down and read it. Sans health warnings. So there.

Ooh -- THIS JUST IN!!! Are you a fan of Alan Gratz and the Something Rotten / Something Wicked Horatio books? Ally Carter (she of awesome spy book fame) is having a live chat with Mr. Gratz tonight at eight p.m., Eastern time and everyone is invited to come along and chat with.

Here's the dirt: Ally Chat
Tuesday, December 30th
8:00 eastern/ 7:00 central

The chat room will be located here.

The password will be ROTTEN, and won't work until a quarter 'til -- and after the chat, the password is expired.

The glorious weather continues to taunt me. Robin's going camping for New Year's. I'm. So. Jealous. Hope everyone else has fun plans. *sob* I'll just be here... coughing... on my bed of sickness...


Anonymous said...

Being sick is no way to start the new year. I'm sending you healing thoughts and large doses of virtual vitamin C.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Personally, I LOVED The Knife of Never Letting Go (and will be writing it up soon) - though I suppose there is a bit of violence. It's a sort of frontier dystopia story,, you'll be glad to know by the end that it's merely book one.

tim b said...

Your bird here is an acorn woodpecker... it has a fairly limited range in the US, so I'm guessing your window is somewhere either on the central Pacific coast or in some mountainous part of the southwest.

We don't get these guys in NYC, but I saw a lot of them hiking the Big Basin redwood forest near San Francisco last summer.