December 03, 2008

And, for a further answer to "why we read"...'ll want to read this piece in the Telegraph, which talks about how story is central to who we are. Narrative is never going away, huzzah, and it seems that someone else was as baffled by the whole MIT plan to "keep meaning alive" with their "Center for Future Storytelling."

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, dear. A writer for SLJ is discussing why boys don't read. And once again, I'm sad to report assumption and stereotype are lining up. Via Miss R again.

Also -- check out the cover of Cynthia's newest vampire novel, Eternal. Oh, my.


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

Thanks for the cheers! All the credit goes to the nice folks at Candlewick!

Sarah Stevenson said...

That is a great cover, and a REALLY cool font. (I know. I am revealing myself as a huge nerd just by getting excited over a font. But hey.)