December 29, 2008

Coming Up for Air

While TadMack's been lost in the throes of a sinus infection, I've been buried in a vast and deep slough of my own making: a major revision of one of my novel manuscripts, which I'd really like to get done in the next few weeks and send back out. I might even send the first chapter in during Firebrand Literary Agency's query holiday, if I really get off my duff.

In doing a quick and frantic online search for revision help, how-to's, hints, etc., I came across a page on author Holly Lisle's website with an interesting method for what she calls "one-pass revision"--doing it all in one fell swoop. Although it's far too late for me to be calling it "one-pass", since this is the third or fourth actual draft, it's never too late to make use of some of the ideas she brings up. So far, so good--I'll let you know how it goes!

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