December 01, 2008

Airbras and Airheads

It's just that 10th grade already kind of sucks.

Teresa Tolliver's in need of a leg -- or, a pair of boobs -- up. After all, high school is tough and she's got to have some kind of wedge to get in to the circle of AN's -- that's above normals, of course. Normals like Teresa need all the help they can get not to slide into being SN -- the dreaded subNormals.

When Teresa's insane-by-reason-of-wedding older sister has a brief psychotic break and takes her lingerie shopping -- Teresa's greatly excited by her airbra. At last, she looks almost like a Glam -- the airheaded but beautiful class of AN's that she aspires to -- and maybe now she can get close to Achingly Adorable Adam, and the rest of the AN's she's always envied.

Surprisingly, Teresa actually gets what she wants -- popularity. A guy who's after her. And bigger breasts. Not surprisingly, her life after this point is not the stuff of great film. Nothing Teresa gets is quite what she wants. Her win-at-all-costs worldview, which she admits is shallow and self-centered is actually costing a lot more than she thought it would. Is she too shallow to see the world around her as it really is? Will she get a clue before it's too late?

Or are her dreams as insubstantial as what's filling up her bra -- ?

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee! Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

That's a good booktalk there. If I was a teen librarian, I'd steal it for a school visit.