May 08, 2008

Book Envy

Behold, the web, where you can...

Read about The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones,

Explore a review -- way before ordinary humankind can read it -- of Octavian Nothing: BOOK TWO!!!!!!,

Long for the awesomely cover-illustrated Clockwork Heart and Magic Bites,,

Sigh over Paper Towns, and the sequel to The Green Glass Sea,

Plot a way to read every last one of Colleen's YA mystery suggestions at Booksluts (in Training). Rock on, Enola!!

And look up four must-read books for writers.

The number one, absolutely hardest thing about being in the UK some days is being away from American libraries. Waiting. For books. Not something I do well.

I can't complain about being in the UK otherwise; there are some great books being published here, and some awesome (red wine, hot chocolate or coffee serving) libraries.

I just had to whine and have book envy.

Okay, back to work.


Mary Witzl said...

What irritates me is how few book stores stock American titles. And those they do have aren't the ones I want to read! The last time I went to Waterstones, the only American YA novels on the shelves were Stephanie Meyer's vampire books. I'll stop right now: I can picture just how many British books are on the shelves in American book shops...

And you've found a book shop that serves hot chocolate? That might even stop ME from whining...

Jess said...

Now you've given ME book envy. Thanks a lot! (Although I am glad to see Octavian has a publication date - I'll definitely be buying my own copy, not something I do too often.)

Jen Robinson said...

Red wine in libraries?? Oh, I LIKE that.