May 01, 2008

BACA Buggin' and Some Other Stuff

Ah, yes, that cheeky, funny Spice Girl, Geri. She feels "much more comfortable writing books."

Yeah, well, I feel much more comfortable drinking hot chocolate and scarfing pizzas in bed all day, but that doesn't mean I should, does it? Good grief. I guess money means you don't have to hear the word 'no,' but seeing how many other good writers are rejected, I hope she's REALLY GOOD to make up for her receiving an opportunity few others would receive so easily.

Meanwhile, The Lonely Doll is completely freaking me out. That strange, blank-eyed -- yet somehow dismayed -- stare... the black and white photography... ugh. I would never have picked that up as a kid, I can tell you that. This book and a bunch of other kids' titles have struck trauma and terror into the hearts of readers. Even Minh has gotten into it -- seriously, I always thought there was something weird about Eric Carle...


Kelly said...

Tadmack: Check out the book anyway. There's something oddly compelling about it.

And yeah. I want to sit in my pjs and eat pizza all day too. (My husband and kids have a weird anti-tomato paste gene, so we don't get pizza much at home.) But...Stomps Feet.

David T. Macknet said...

But pizza can be made with basil-pesto instead of tomato paste. ;)