May 11, 2008

After All of Our Chat...

...about The Artist's Way, poet Sara chimed in with a nice defense of it. (If you missed her original post about it, please go read - I feel a little guilty now for blowing it off as "yet more work to prove I'm an artist!") Today's Wordswimmer has a great quote from the book in question, and more on writing through our doubts about our talent.

Happy Sunday

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Saints and Spinners said...

Ah yes, the Artist's Way! I worked my way through it back in 1995, when I was a wee lass of 23. It was just the thing for me at the time. During the week that I wasn't supposed to do any reading, I took myself to the ballet on a 15 dollar ticket. (I was getting 40 dollars a month as a stipend, so it was a big deal, but affordable.) Like so many of these books, I think it really is a timing issue.