May 19, 2008

Bonus YA Positivity!

Hat tip Bookshelves of Doom, YA is on the top of the see-saw at the moment. We're informed it keeps the publishing world afloat. And apparently, the film industry, too. (Thanks toSF Signal for the link.)

Of all the YA books-turned-movies I've seen trailers for in the past three months, this one has the most promise. And... Bill Murray.


Sarah Stevenson said...

Okay. Seriously? Gave me chills!! And hurray for Bill Murray!

Macy O'Neal said...

Another movie to eagerly anticipate -- along with Twilight!

tanita✿davis said...

Books with more THINGS in them than people? More...say, devices? Those work really well translated into film (with the possible exception of I, Robot, since they apparently DIDN'T READ THE BOOK. *cough*), and I have a teensy spot of hope for this one.