February 03, 2014

A Brief Reviewing Hiatus

Yep, you read that right. At the risk of developing another insane backlog, I'm not going to be posting reviews for a couple of weeks so I can get caught up on other work, including a 2-week turnaround on continuity edits for my upcoming novel which has now dwindled to a mere 10 days.

SO. I'm minimizing whatever I can, and sadly, writing reviews is one of those things. My brain is feeling like it's going to leak out of my ears if I don't. However, the good news is, once I've gotten this latest spell of hectic insanity past me, it will be mid-February, which means I'll be freed from my Cybils Round 2 vow of silence and can post reviews of the YA Fiction short list for you.

I'll probably be on a Toon Thursday hiatus, too, but I do promise to post brief updates and random thoughts and such on my scheduled blogging days. And, while I have to keep my lip zipped on the Cybils judging discussion and my opinions and all, YOU are under no such compunction, so if you have picks or pans, let 'em fly and I'll watch benevolently from above.

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