July 19, 2012

Toon Thursday: The Return of Revision IV: The Revenge

In honor of the fact that I will soon be embarking upon a major novel revision for my next book, due out in 2013, I set my mind a-pondering on the topic of what we actually spend our time on when we sit down to revise. I don't know about you, but for me, you could probably have a pie chart that's 75% staring blankly at the computer and going "derrrr."

I realize now that I forgot a critical slice of the pie: PROCRASTINATION. That would be a very large slice.


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Other slices may include:

--Screeching, "I've got it now!" and typing furiously.
--Deleting and muttering, "No, I don't have it after all."
--Wishing book would fix itself.
--Fantasizing about new book that would surely be much better than THIS one, if only you weren't stuck revising this one.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Wishing book would fix itself!! How could I have forgotten that one? ;)

tanita✿davis said...

If you have any pie which fixes novels, GIMME.

And "fantasizing about a new book" is PURE TRUTH. Annoying truth, at that. WHY am I so fruitful with the new ideas when I need to apply my fingers and brain to what's in front of me????

Ashley Hope PĂ©rez said...

Um, the distressing thing about this is that I DEFINITELY just ate not one but TWO pieces of cheesecake (sick, I know) while avoiding the writing work on my desk. And then here is this pie of truth... AAAGH!

And hey, Tanita, you should totally use that procrastinating generative energy. Helps me heaps to get new ideas/blog post seeds/etc if I give myself 15 minutes (strict... with a timer) to stall productively before "really" writing.