December 22, 2011

Warm Winter Greetings...

A very happy holiday from me and Tanita and CitySmartGirl! My greetings (at the moment, anyway) come from Monterey, CA, which is spectacularly sunny, if a bit chilly. The husband and I took a couple of days to rest and recuperate and walk along the ocean, and we were rewarded yesterday with a glimpse of a whale spouting and surfacing a few times very near to shore before continuing on its way. (What kind of whale, we're not sure...evidently several types commonly migrate through the area, including blues, grays, and humpbacks...all I can tell you is it was too small to be a blue whale!)

Anyway, I wanted to share some writerly holiday cheer from Bruce Black, who has posted inspiring excerpts from his interviews throughout the year, and urge you to share a bit of holiday cheer yourself by donating to Reading Is Fundamental by Dec. 31--if you donate during that time, the Sisco Family Fund will match your gift. I'll be making a year-end donation with the money earned from my Latte Rebellion swag sales plus a tad bit more on top.

Last but not least, a major milestone from one of our longest-running blog buds--Jen Robinson's Book Page just turned SIX. Congratulations, Jen! We're privileged to have met you and have been so pleased to see your blog carve out a niche in the Kidlitosphere and in the world of children's literature. Hooray and cheers!

Unless I find a few spare moments on Boxing Day, you probably won't hear from me until next Thursday. So, with that in mind, have a very merry whatever-you-celebrate (or, if you celebrate NOTHING, enjoy that, too!).

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