May 12, 2011

Toon Thursday: More Writing Life

I apologize for today's Toon Thursday being a rerun, but I am currently away from my desk enjoying a few days in a nice cabin with the Mr. in celebration of our 10-year wedding anniversary. I promise the next installment of TT, two weeks from now, will be shiny and brand new! In the meantime, please to enjoy this old fave which I've dusted off especially for you.

As always, Toon Thursday is © Sarah J. Stevenson and Finding Wonderland. Just in case you forgot. Please no reprints without permission. Except for me. I can reprint it whenever I want, THHHPPPPTT. :P

1 comment:

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

I love how even the hair seems messier in the reality. Happy anniversary to you and the Mr!