May 13, 2011

Getting My Geek On (Reprise)

CURSE Blogger!Lost my original SCHEDULED post. Grr.

These posters are SO COOL. 40's style and color palette makes them look perfectly legitimate as 40's WPA posters, but the faces - the helmets - and the like just make me laugh. Check out the rest of them. Via The Mary Sue.

Soo, when was the last time you were Hermione Granger? I was Dumbledore just last week...

According to a study out of the University of Buffalo, you are what you read... in fantasy, anyway. "Becoming a Vampire Without Being Bitten: The Narrative Collective Assimilation Hypothesis," published in the current issue journal Psychological Science, presents research supporting the authors' hypothesis that by absorbing narratives, we can psychologically become a member of the group of characters described therein, a process that makes us feel connected to those characters and their social world.

Thus says the article, anyway; the heads-up courtesy of Tasha over at Waking Brain Cells. The jury is still out as to whether or not I've ever been Edward -- but I'm pretty sure the answer there is NO.

OH, my word. Subterranean Press put out a summer YA edition of their magazine. You probably knew that. Gwenda Bond did an awesome editing job, and wrote a witty introduction. You knew that, too. But did you read the freebies online? And that story by Sarah Rees Brennan? IT IS STILL HAUNTING ME. I dreamed about it. My heart got twinges. If you haven't taken a moment to read it, GO.

Also, if you're needing a little hit of Nick and Jamie and the gang, Ms. Brennan put up a short story in the Demon's Lexicon/Covenant world... starting here, and going on to the next day. Peek:

“Pardon me,” Jamie said. “Something happens to make my life miserable and I automatically think of you. It’s like Pavlov’s dog and the bell.”

“Sorry, I don’t know Pavlov,” Tim said. “Is he in, like, the year above?”

“I don’t think so,” said Erica. “I’m pretty sure I’d know him then.”

Bwa-hahahahah! Yes, go read.

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Gwenda said...

So glad you liked the story, dearie, and thanks for the kind words. And there will be more. ALL the stories will be posted online, one each week until the issue's done (and they'll stay there after!).