May 19, 2011

Random Bits and Pieces, and a Toon From Elsewhere

Quick--just quick--go over to Guys Lit Wire and check out how THRILLED the librarian of Ballou Sr. High School is at the generosity of bloggers and supporters of this year's book fair. You still have today and tomorrow to donate, so if you haven't yet, PLEASE consider doing so. This year can be a sellout, too.

It's still May, and still Mental Health Month. Have you checked out Reach Out Reads yet? Besides their really thoughtful booklist of YA reads addressing various mental health topics, they've still got some great author chats lined up for the next few days, including Michael Northrop and Blake Nelson, in partnership with the Readergirlz. Tanita and I have been working on our own humble contribution to Mental Health Month, too--Erika's List, a small but growing lineup of our favorite YA books that deal with mental illness. The list was compiled in honor of Erika's open letter to the coach of the Waunakee Wisconsin High School cheer squad, and includes links to our reviews of the titles, where available. Immense thanks to all the YA authors and blog readers who suggested titles for the list.

Because I hate to leave you without a toon of some kind on Thursday, go check out Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal from the other day. OK, so it's got little to do with writing per se, but it's funny, particularly if you've ever seen the British comedy The IT Crowd, or have ever had a frustrating experience with tech support. "Please have your man-servant cease cranking the mill, then commence cranking once again." HA! Thanks to Sian Jones for the tip.

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