January 07, 2009

Keep It All From Shattering

Risa's destiny is straightforward -- she is cazarrina of the Divetri -- the daughter of the noble glass making house of Divetri -- and when the gods choose her, she will go and learn an aspect of the trade to serve the god and bring honor to her house. It's what everyone in the medieval kingdom of Cassaforte does who is part of the Seven and Thirty, the noble houses who serve the king and honor the gods and are the upper echelons of society.

Risa doesn't really think much about being one of the families of the Seven. Her family is in trade, and they work. She looks forward with joy and trepidation to finding her place in the working world, and making her mark -- she dearly wants to be a Divetri who does something different. It's not enough to be the daughter of the premier glassmaker in the city -- she wants to make enchanted glass her way. But it's not to be.

First, the gods don't choose her.
And then -- and then everything else falls apart.

A thoroughly engrossing and surprising narrative, with wonderful descriptions of an imaginary Italian kingdom, this one's a strong contender for next year's Cybils!

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