January 14, 2009

The Next Cool Thing for Today

I really love craftastic blogging chicas. Leila's always doing something cool with literary bags, or t-shirts, Farida rocks the sewing and the dolls most awesomely, and everybody knows about Laini's Ladies.

Wendi Gratz, one of the craftastic members of Gratz Industries (the other half of the industry produces some really awesome Horatio Wilkes Mysteries, two of which are IN MY HOUSE, whee!) has come up with THE cutest ...definition dolls. That's really the only way I can describe them.

I have to admit that I want a doll named Vigilante...

1 comment:

Rohan said...

"craftastic blogging chicas" love it. I'm a total blogging rookie, but find I feel "freer" as a writer to just run with language, stretching and teasing it. What is it about blogging that allows me to be more playful as a writer? Could it actually help my fiction ...?