January 19, 2009

You So Mighty

It's an amusing mispronunciation of "Yosemite," and it's the name of the climbing shop where Jordan, 17, spends all of his time when he's not schlepping through a school day or outside doing what he really loves -- climbing. Jordan IS climbing, and he has the perfect, scrawny/muscular body type to help him haul himself up vertical rock faces. He's been doing it since he was a tiny kid, and it's his whole world.

If only everything he needs could be found on the face of a rock!

But, it can't -- and Jordan needs things like an education, an idea of what he wants to do for the rest of his life, and protection from the bullies at his school. For awhile, everything in his life seems perfectly balanced -- he even meets an amazingly athletic climber-GIRL -- but then, one rock tilts --

-- and triggers and avalanche that undoes his whole life.

They say gravity always wins.
How does a guy recover when the world falls apart?

Climbers and athletic types will really enjoy this book. The writing is terse and easy to follow. While the pacing is somewhat uneven, I think that won't matter to climbing enthusiasts and people after a good fast read with tension and drama.

Buy this book in April from an independent bookstore near you!


Justina said...

Oh! I know a couple of kids who MUST read this book. Thanks for spotlighting it.

Doret said...

This so sounds really good.