January 06, 2009

In the Swim

2009 has all the earmarks of being a year that will go swimmingly. Here's just a few of the numerous reasons why:

Four Most Awesome
The most hip short thing of the year so far -- Leila's 'zine. Or, TBR Tallboy, as we should really call it. I've often whined about my desire to include some of my short fiction in an anthology -- and how hard it is to get into one of those without an editor being sure of your talent and your saleability -- and how sad it is that there's so little space for YA shorts in the publishing world. And now, there's a place for the stories that I like to read! Check it out.

Four brilliant writers share their ways to shape the new year -- two by encouraging people to actually, write, as with Hip Writer Mama's 30 Day Challenge, and Robin's challenge to aspiring authors -- and the other two with objects. Justina's vision boards, and Sara's gifts which remind her to stay in the moment. All great ideas -- and all sparking new ideas in me.

Also awesome: blowing bubbles in sub-freezing temps. Those frozen bubbles are gorgeous -- and something to cheer up those people living in sleetland at this time. Via mental_floss' morning cuppa.

And now -- because it had to happen --
Harbingers of The Totally Stupid In Our Fair New Year:

Twilight. The fragrance. Via Librarily Blonde, and Burger King's Flame, the cologne of virile males and ...charred meat?

Well, we're an innovative species, if nothing else.


Leila said...

Thanks, lady. And I hope that you'll submit something if you feel so inclined.

a. fortis said...

Those frozen bubbles are awesome! And I'll definitely have to check out the zine. Go Leila!