November 08, 2008

Weekend Drive-Thru

The Guardian had a piece today on Angry Arthur, by Hiawyn Oram, and the illustrations of Satoshi Kitamura. This book is part of "Get Glasgow Reading" this year for the 0-5 set, and it's all about tantrums. The illustration really matches the fury of Arthur. Speaking of illustrations, via Chicken Spaghetti, the NYT has already chosen their 2008 Best Illustrated book list. A whole ton of them are Cybils picks. Yay, us.

The pink-tressed Laini (whose name I'm rather partial to!) is holding grudges in a way that totally makes me laugh -- I have to admit that even three years on, I'd go in and FIND that waiter -- which is probably a really bad use for a time machine).

Ooh, ick... Bookmoot's been sick! She's had an --ectomy or an --oscopy. Yikes! Go and wish her well while she's on drugs and won't remember! She might spill something good...

Book Evangelist Jen Robinson is guest blogging at ShelfSpace, which is part of ForeWord magazine. She talks about giving the gift of reading, and her number two suggestion in how to give kids the gift of reading really resonated with me:

2. Let the children in your life see that reading is important to you. Mention it when you encounter something interesting in a book or a newspaper. Turn off the TV, and let kids see you reading for relaxation. Bring books for everyone when you travel on planes. Listen to audiobooks in your car on road trips. Clutter up your house with books and magazines and newspapers. Demonstrate a culture that values reading, all types of reading.

I know too many people who only read TV Guide and don't understand why their kids don't just pick up the reading habit -- and a habit of excellence in their schoolwork -- just by osmosis. Go, Jen. Well said.

Like me, Sara's always a little leery of books with big buzz, thus her enthused review of Graceling has gotten me on tenterhooks to come HOME and get some BOOKS already. This is killing me!

And on a personal writing note: Just got word from Secret Agent Man that my next book, MARE'S WAR, is being shopped to the UK, and is being offered to fifteen (!) houses. That seems... a bit... extreme to me, but here's hoping something good comes out of it.


Tricia said...

15 houses! Is that good? (Forgive my ignorance.) Does this mean your agent thinks the competition will be stiff and he's shopping lots of houses to get you the best deal?

Hurray for you! Here's hoping something great comes of this.

tanita✿davis said...

I don't know! I think the idea is to start discussion among people about, "hey, here's this author." When he shopped my very first book, he placed it with six different houses at once. It's introduction. I guess. I'm just trying to look respectable. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip off on Angry Arthur, it seems to be exactly what I need for my three year old!

Jen Robinson said...

Glad that the culture of reading thing resonated with you (though not surprised, of course).

I'm convinced about Graceling, too, based on the reviews that I've seen. The description might not have drawn me in, but the glowing reviews from smart people... yes.

Hope that the book does well, and that those 15 houses get into a big battle over who gets the privilege of publishing it.