May 10, 2007

You Really Got Me

Ever since the first notes of the 1964 Kink's tune You Really Got Me, heavy metal has been on the scene. Loud and completely arresting, it is …life to Sam and his crew. He knows his friends are goofy and his music is loud, and you know? He kind of likes his life like that.

Sooo, why’s he hanging out with this ├╝ber-preppy chick, who, though doubtless beautiful, is so not a metal chick? I mean, she mistakes being a punk for being a Goth. (What’s up with that!?) She always makes… remarks, like, about what Sam should be doing. About what Sam could be like. About his friends.

Why is Sam turning down his music, ditching his friends, not getting wasted, and changing his life? Could it be love?

Or something… more destructive?

I LOVED this book, and I love Sam, who is completely obsessed with… heavy metal music. What we love we know best, right? Sam knows his music and he knows his heart. It’s just a small matter of turning down the music long enough to listen to it…

Heavy Metal & You …painfully and humorously well-written, supported with a cast of good, goofy friends and a loving family is one of the more fun and wrenching and real books I’ve read in awhile. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I was curious about this one when I saw it in the library! Glad to hear it was good.

Anonymous said...

It's really funny -- even though I cannot get the music -- I mean, I felt good knowing ONE song the guy mentioned -- I was totally in love with him. At that age, it would have been really refreshing to meet a person who knew themselves that well... it would have been really attractive. I can see why the preppy chick thought she loved him.