May 14, 2007


I'm pretty sure everyone has heard the allegedly Chinese curse/blessing "May you live in interesting times." Well, my life has gotten interesting in the last week. Simple things have turned bafflingly complex. I'm pretty sure that if you look closely into my eyes, you might see something like this centered right in my pupils:

The rest of the world seems considerably less ditzy. The crew at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast have honored our incredibly creative and intellectual Summer Blog Blast Tour organizer and brainmother, Colleen Mondor. (Is that right? The Tour is her brainchild... so I guess she is the brainmother. Anyway, I digress.) Go right on over and read why so many of us drop in at her most excellent blog so regularly!

Meanwhile, Monday, May 21st Chicken Spaghetti is hosting Fiesta! A Multicultural Celebration for the next Carnival of Children's Literature. I look forward to finding out what's cooking with multicultural books - one of my interests for sure.

Also, the latest Edge of the Forest is up, and there's a David Lubar interview!!! (Has anyone yet read True Talents? I have been captivated by the realness of the 'voice' in his novels.) There are a lot more goodies (see the review of Evil Genius), including a paean to Deb Caletti by LW, and the latest on Maureen Johnson's Bermudez Triangle book challenge, so check it out!

Today I got to view the first cover design mock-up for my novel. I feel like I've been put on the spin cycle in the wash. Good things are happening -- lots of things at once, which is making me feel a bit overwhelmed, but I'm hoping the dizzy feeling will fade soon.

Cheers, and happy week!


Kelly said...

Thanks, Tanita, for the Forest mention. And, wow! A cover. No wonder you're feeling dizzy :)

Still: awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the first cover design mock-up, and thanks for the link . . . this post is so hard to get away from. I somehow feel compelled to do anything you say now. Oh, it's that hypno-spiral. You could probably rule the world with that thing.

Little Willow said...


Yay Forest.

I enjoyed both Hidden Talents and True Talents. I liked Sleeping Freshman Don't Lie a great deal.

Anonymous said...

A cover? Very exciting!

Thanks for the link to the carnival!