May 31, 2007

Toon Thursday: Controversy Revisited

As always, click the image to view it larger.

Oddly enough, if you looked at TadMack's or my academic pedigrees you might mistake us for members of the overeducated elitist camp. This is what makes the latest installment of the controversy (so articulately detailed at Chasing Ray--thanks to Jen Robinson's Book Page for the link) so ridiculous. Not all of us overeducated folk are alike; likewise, not all bloggers are undereducated, underinformed, and overindulgent. Plus, to put it bluntly and inarticulately--free speech! FREE SPEECH, PEOPLE!!

By the way, if any illustrators are reading this who make a living via their lovingly exact renderings of horses, clearly I'm not putting any of you out of business anytime soon.


tanita✿davis said...

Dude, it's a HIGH horse, a high horse. So, it's not going to look... natural.

Seriously, though, it looks great. And I'm unbelievably annoyed by this yammering on and on on this topic. A lot of ASSuming is going on.

Anonymous said...

I try not to think about it too much, but I know what you mean. Love the cartoon! It does all boil down to free speech, and people trying to defend an elitist old guard that others don't care about.

I had dinner with a friend last night who struggles to find good books for his three kids to read, because he wants them to be readers. And he said that reading my blog helps with that. And that's really what it's all about, for me.

Sarah Stevenson said...

That's great, Jen! I love to hear that. I always feel like I'm doing someone a service when I can point them to great sites like yours, or Edge of the Forest or any of the other great sites out there, when they're looking for reading material for their kids.

Kelly said...

GREAT cartoon, Sarah! It's perfect.

BTW: I grew up in Hemet, believe it or not :) It was great when I was a child, but has gone downhill since! I then went to Berkeley for undergrad and UCLA for grad school. Now I'm in IOWA. Ah, the academic life. It's a lot like the military in the sense that you can't always choose where you live.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, how funny! My stepdad used to work at an optometrist's office in Hemet.

Coincidentally, I also went to Berkeley for my undergrad. It was a nice change from Riverside, let me tell you!

Kelly said...

Cool, Sarah! He didn't work at Dr. King's office did he?

Berkeley was a nice change from the old Inland Empire--though the first guy I dated could tell "I came from a small town." Sigh. I thought I had them all fooled :)

Sarah Stevenson said...

No, I think it was Dr. Scruggs, but that was a long time ago so I'm not stepdad's career has gone through various incarnations and since then he has become a high school science teacher! (At San Gorgonio, which you probably know of!)