May 10, 2007

Sweet Talker

It’s not like Ruby doesn’t realize that some loves are just – doomed.
Look at her mother. Every time her father blows into town, there’s Mom, lighting up the torch for him, and waving it. And every single time, Dad waltzes in, and waltzes right back out. It’s the ‘Honey, Baby, Sweetheart’ symptom – all the guy’s gotta do is talk nice, and she’s done. Ruby knows all the signs and symptoms, which is why it is at times frustrating when it happens to her.

Travis is so typical as to be a caricature – this hot, richy guy on a motorcycle, feckless, reckless and carefree, who one day – whoosh – takes Ruby on a ride. They go over 100 mph, and she doesn’t scream. That means she has cojones, according to Travis. Ruby knows very well she was too scared to make a sound, much less scream “Stop – I wanna get off!” like anyone with sense might do. Travis creates Ruby in the image that he wants her to inhabit, and she does all she can to be the kind of girl that Travis would want her to be.

Meanwhile, Ruby’s mother finally realizes that her daughter is veering off the edge. The two form a plan to keep themselves busy – Ruby is to attend her mother’s book club, where most of the octogenarian readers are hilarious and outrageous. The adults around her provide Ruby the prospective she needs – but only after she hits a wall herself.

A kidnapping, a few wild rides and a lot of laughter and heartbreak, memorable characters and fast-paced dialogue make up this interesting Deb Caletti book. Golden Girl’s fans will smile, so check it out!

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