December 23, 2013

A Winter Links Roundup

I have to admit--my online activity has slowed to a trickle this past week, after going on a quick trip out of town and then juggling family and friends' holiday parties over the weekend--AND, on top of all that, having to wrangle car-related issues. Rather than sound like a constant bummer online, I went into hermit mode instead, and tried for some much-needed down time. (In my case, apparently, that means a bit of hiking and walking and copious amounts of eating.) But you're used to my occasional online silences, aren't you? Yes, I'm sure you are. I am not someone who's afraid to take a technology holiday.

But I did encounter some goodies on the 'tubes this week, which I hereby share with you:

First, Jen Robinson (who I sadly did not get to visit this past week due to aforementioned car troubles) tweeted about an interesting post by Laurel Snyder, lamenting the lack of illustrations in books nowadays. Couldn't agree more!

I was thrilled to bits to see that Tanita and I were both included on Kelly Jensen's list of Green Light YA Reads: A Flowchart over on BookRiot, which is a great site to begin with, but Kelly is all kinds of awesome and I have an unholy love of flow charts, so YAY. And another YAY--The Latte Rebellion got a mention on the NPR blog Code Switch in a post called Seeking Wonderful Young Adult Novels That Deal With Race. The first thing I thought when I saw this was EEE! They said my book is wonderful!! The second thing I thought was, OMG, I am on a list with Sherman Alexie, Heidi Durrow, and Gene Yang!! That really made my night. (Night, because I was reading NPR on my iPad before bed...)

Lastly, a couple of fun ones from the BBC. Thanks to this article, now I really want to read me some French detective novels. (And I already have The Elegance of the Hedgehog waiting on a to-read shelf.) And last but not least, "James Bond is an 'impotent drunk,'" reports a medical analysis of his daily alcohol consumption. On that last one, however, I have to quote my friend Scott's response from when I posted the article to Facebook: "The point about James Bond is that he is an extraordinary person who does not succumb to the normal downfalls of average people. I'm certain his liver and libido would simply scoff at the mere notion of this 'study.'" Yes, I am sure that is correct.

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