January 25, 2013

O, Darling, It's Award Season...

Grateful that the ALA doesn't have a red carpet - short of that unofficial Betsy Bird thing.

EVERY YEAR I have thoughts on who should win various bits of the ALA awards; every year I think people were unfairly excluded from various lists of honors for whatever reason. Every year there's a tiny groundswell of indignation on the part of some author or another for perceived slights; every year there are those of us who shake our heads and reshuffle our TBR piles. Committee work reveals unexpected winners and we never know what to expect.

Inasmuch as there can usually be only one winner, every year I remind myself that if I liked a particular book, and let the author know, in many ways, that's a high honor - those are the things which personally have made me feel amazing. So, don't forget to tell an author you love their work and that you think they're amazing! Keep the post office in business and mail fan letters!

(Are you listening Sherman Alexie, Robin LaFevers and Elizabeth Wein? And Tamora Pierce, whose BATTLE MAGIC is coming out this year, for which I have, lo, long waited? And Leigh Bardugo, whose sequel needs to come soon, and Sarah Rees Brennan and Rachel Hartman from whom I'm also awaiting sequels and wish you GOOD WRITING??)

Oh, yes, dear reader; I can see how this list could go on and on and on and on.

Never mind. Use the force. Keep those love letters to authors - ALA awarded or not - coming. Thanks for spreading joy in the world.


Art by Madéleine Flores, ©2013. Hat tip to The Mary Sue.

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