January 21, 2013

Comment Challenge 2013 and Other Sources of Shame

Lee Wind and Mother Reader, those lovely individuals and blogging stalwarts, are once again doing their blog Comment Challenge this year. It's going on RIGHT NOW, in fact. Unlike previous years, this year I didn't even manage to sign up, let alone make the attempt for a few days before flunking out in mild ignominy.

BUT. That doesn't mean I shouldn't be going around and visiting blogs and commenting on them, as is the whole point of the Comment Challenge. While I dearly wish I could respond with a resounding "Challenge Accepted!", my advice to myself this year is more along the lines of "Take five." I need to do better at allowing myself to rest, rather than making everything into a new obligation. Then I can focus on the things I really DO need to do. Like, well, whipping this latest novel into shape before it comes out in June. And other stuff.

Along those lines, I may be posting fewer reviews for a little while. Actually, that's more because I have a TBR pile with a lot of grown-up books in it that I need to attend to. But I'll also be doing some thinking about blogging in general, and what I can offer (more about that on my personal blog)...stay tuned, I guess.


Gail Gauthier said...

I think I made two comments last week. That's...what?...Thirty-three below goal?

Sarah Stevenson said...

I made one comment so far today (obviously not counting this one)...so...yeah.

Charlotte said...

I am struggling with it, so am glad to get an easy comment in here about the struggle of it all.