April 01, 2011

Yeah, April. That Again.

Normally, I hate April 1. I don't consider myself particularly gullible, but I tend to take people at face-value, and this is the one day a year I have to be actually, you know, careful. I find that more annoying than amusing, but Out of the Box has managed today to make me smile. Check out the REST of the fine fiction that's come into Horn Book Magazine today. Apparently, this whole thing had something to do with Travis from 100 Scope Notes. Can you tell??

Apparently, on my LinkedIn, the "people you might know" has been expanded. J.R.R. Tolkien and Ernest Hemingway have finally updated their LinkedIn pages.


You can't find this book at an independent bookstore near you, but don't let it stop you from trying. I mean, everyone wants to read a Charlie Sheen children's book, don't they??

Fine, fine. Here. Read this excerpt from John Scalzi's new SF book. The first sentence alone should make you feel ...something. Possibly blue in the face...


Sarah Stevenson said...

BWAHAHAHA on the John Scalzi thing. Especially the cover.

tanita✿davis said...

Yes, and people still INSIST that the book is real. I'm thinking, "Yeah, right."