April 07, 2011

Thursday Bits: Are You Ready to Rock...the Drop?

That's right, Teen Literature Day is coming up on April 14th, and this year the Readergirlz are teaming up with the folks at Figment to Rock the Drop. Buy your favorite book, print a bookplate, stick it in the book, and leave it for some lucky YA reader to find. Go to the Readergirlz site to download banners and printable bookplates!

Have you signed up for Alyssa @ The Shady Glade's 2011 YA Book Battle? Check out her post on the rules of the contest--you've still got 3 days left to nominate your two favorite overlooked books of 2010, and then the brackets begin! Sounds like fun. I did not volunteer to assist, because if I volunteer for anything else my husband will strenuously object (and with good reason), but there might even be a few spots left for volunteer judges. There's even a Goodreads group so you can keep up with the action. Go check it out!

And, just because it's cool, children's books in Laos, delivered by elephant, and a 1980 Mercedes bus that's now the Bumper Children's Book Bus in Russia. (Via SCBWI's Expression newsletter)

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Little Willow said...

Thanks, chica! Rock the Drop!