April 23, 2011

Ooh! Purty Cover!!

"This book is -- intense. There just aren't a lot of YA novels about midwifery, inbreeding, and hemophilia, but the information is gripping and spot-on (I mean, in terms of making it realistic. I'm not into any of the above, thanks). The post-apocalypse survival narrative is excellent, and as she gets deeper into trouble, Gaia has to make agonizing, hair-trigger decisions based on only what she feels is right. Though she thinks on her feet, and does all the right things, situations just get darker and worse as she goes on, based on the cruelty of the Enclave and the utter selfishness of her society. This is dystophia at its finest - allowing the reader to think and say, 'What would I do?' I hope there's a sequel to this one, too."

This we said when we reviewed this fab book for the Cybs.

If you haven't read it yet, bump it up in your TBR list - we loved it to bits. The cover wasn't quite the typical "girl's face in profile," either, but it looked dark and dangerous. And now, enter the UK cover, due out May 1 -- not quite the typical girl-in-profile thing, but she's there. And it's not at all dark and dangerous looking, what with the flowers, but the words tell the tale. I think I like it. Good luck to Caragh O'Brien - hope the new cover draws new readers like bees to blooms.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

That is a FAB cover! I can't quite say I loved this book to bits, maybe, but definitely a fascinating premise and an enjoyable read.