April 30, 2011

::blinks:: and random links

Greetings, interwebs.

Just realized it's been a few days -- okay, weeks -- since I've crawled out of the revision hole and looked around. Meanwhile, I've been noticing much but commenting little, celebrating National Poetry Month with the various fantabulous poets and I've enjoyed getting a Poem-A-Day in my inbox from Knopf. If you want to continue that poetry love all year long, Your Daily Poem is here to help!

I also wanted to share a few things which you've all probably seen sixteen times on Facebook - but, whatever. I like these funny and "historically hardcore" museum posters from Geekosystem, and loved the discussion of what could be America's Dr. Who, the awesome 2008 - and canceled after one season - tv show, The Middleman. I geeked hard over the model of Dune, as depicted with two-foot gummy worms and candy crystals, snickered at yesterday's very annoyed flower girl at a recent royal wedding, whose cross little face is going to be everywhere for awhile, and snorted adolescent-ly over the most controversial - but honest? - picture book for adults, ever, Go the _ to Sleep...

I'll continue wrestling the revision, but I'll also hopefully be popping out to celebrate May as National Mental Health month, review two books, one of which is a reissue from the 2007 Cybils which I somehow never wrote up the first time, and generally giving a great, excited boogie that Spring finally seems to have sprung for good, no tag-backs, no do-overs, and no more snow.

For the moment, anyway.

Off to find a sunny spot to read a book. Happy Weekend.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Fab set of links.

You know, I finally watched some of the wedding footage last night on DVR (skipping past some of the boring parts) and this was definitely NOT the only time that flower girl (or some flower girl) had that "let's wrap it up already!" expression. (I'd totally feel that way if it were me. Even if I were the bride.)