August 08, 2009

Yeah, yeah, we love Word Girl

But I don't like the exchange of losing Reading Rainbow.


Via Smart B's.


Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh no, boo! I love LeVar Burton!

holly cupala said...

You-Know-Who and I are huge fans of Word Girl (from the planet Lexicon...). My favorite villain is Lady Redundant Woman!

Sorry to lose RR, though.

Doret said...

25yrs is a grat run. Goodbye Reading Rainbow. You will be missed. Levar Burton is one of the best celebrity Jeopardy players ever.

I love Lady Redundant

Gail Gauthier said...

I always wondered if LeVar Burton's kid and parent fan base from Reading Rainbow helped Star Trek: The Next Generation in its early years. He was the most recognizable name to Americans when that show started, and I think Reading Rainbow had as much to do with that as Roots. My kids always referred to LeVar Burton and his STTNG character, Geordie LaForge, by their first names. He felt that familiar to them.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Gail--I'm sure it did! I know that he was the most familiar face to me when the show started.

Anonymous said...

I loved Reading Rainbow so much I watched it long after I became older than its target demographic. As in, I checked one of the Reading Rainbow DVDs out from the library to watch at home just a couple months ago.