August 20, 2009


Lynedoch Crescent 41Some good links out in the blog-o-sphere. First, this weekend the Seattle PI did a piece on why all the summer blockbuster movies keep ruining your childhood memories. Oh, yeah, they are. People flocked to see that Transformers thing, but apparently not enough -- the people who produced the film are going bankrupt, and it's gotten "Meh" reviews from those who like plots to make sense.

Why do those silly people want to make a NOVEL version of Where The Wild Things Are? It's really unnecessary!! My one-word answer is "marketing," which is also synonymous with "the root of all evil."

Oh, HECK yeah! Liz reviews The Devil's Kiss at Tea Cozy, and it sounds like a SERIOUS winner. A butt-kicking heroine whose mother's name was Jamila, whose father is British, whose mother was Pakistani, and whose name, Bilqis, she shortens to "Billi." Add in Big Bads like werewolves and vampires, fighters like Templar Knights and Big Goods (maybe) like Archangels, and I know I will love this book. I want it NOW.

What A Girl Wants this month is discussing the Big Bads... the bloodsuckers. What's up with the girl-love on the ghouls? Find out what our brilliant panel of authors have to say. Oh, and you can look forward to a reprise of "What's up with the bimbo'd out superheroes, and why is there only one Wonder Woman?" I'm looking forward to THAT one.

Our favorite Toronto-an, CK, shows off her weekend at Toronto Island, where there's a sign that says, "Please, Walk on the Grass." A gorgeous little photo-essay. *sigh* Sunshine! Such a lovely thing. (It's sleeting here in sunny Glasgow, kids.)

In the realm of the freaky, here's two tidbits -- one, the ICKIEST commercial I've ever seen, via mental_floss. It's about how a kid feels when he's told he's getting a new member of the family. You'll cringe. And laugh. And then cringe some more.

Second little bit of freakiness comes in response to the repackaging of Wuthering Heights as "Bella & Edward's favorite book." Can I just say, "AAAAARRRRRRRRGH!!?!?"

Gotta hand it to them, though. That cover is dead on Twilight.

Man, do the marketing people think we're all such suckers? Srsly?

Oh, my STARS, you have got to run over to the 7-Imps. They're highlighting that gorgeous Michelle Book, Our Children Can Soar. It's a beautiful celebration of civil rights, and has a fabulous new painting of Ruby Bridges. It's lovely.

And on that uplifting note, good day to you!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from lunch, where I went on an extensive rant about the Where the Wild Things Are movie/novel. The whole thing's just really bugging me. I even got annoyed at Sendak when I watched the film they've been circulating of him talking about how much he likes the whole endeavor, which is, I know, irrational. It's some kind of fuddy-duddy librarian gene making itself known.

On the other hand, I told our teen librarian that if she didn't buy a copy of that wonderfully cheesy new edition of Wuthering Heights for the teen collection, I would be sorely disappointed. I think I'm okay with it if kids get introduced to the book via the deceptive cover.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Great set of links. I just saw the trailer for the Where the Wild Things Are movie this past weekend, when we went to see the latest Harry Potter movie (which was fun, of course, but a little meh). Rob was appalled, and though I'd known it was coming...SIGH.

The funny thing is, I met someone who worked with Maurice Sendak on a lot of his stuff as he (Sendak) got older--and this same person also has done a lot of work for Disney and is one of the bitterest, most cynical-sounding people I've ever met.

Saints and Spinners said...

Oh my. Where to begin? It's a cornucopia here (which makes me think of Hunger Games). I didn't even see the Seattle P-I/Times article, but then, I've been sequestered.

However, I avert my eyes whenever the Wild Things movie comes up.

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

Sorry about the sleet, Tanita. Sleet shouldn't even be possible until November. That's just wrong.

Saturday really was beautiful here but our weather took a sharp turn for the worst yesterday - we had twisters last night! They tossed around cars and ripped roofs from houses.

About the repackaging of Wuthering Heights - yep, I think the marketing people believe the rest of us are sharing one lazy brain cell.

At least we have District 9 this summer. Nice to see such a smart movie making $. Are you paying attention, marketing folks?

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh yay--glad to hear District 9 WAS good! I'm looking forward to that one. Thanks, C.K.

Also, Tanita, that is a lovely photo.

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

It was very good but pretty gross. I had trouble looking at the screen during many scenes.

Ethel Rohan said...

No, no, no to the butchering of "Wuthering Heights," but, forgive me, yes, to the Where The Wild Things Are movie. I loved that trailer, and am looking forward to the movie. Am I the only one?

tanita✿davis said...

Adrienne - I just hate Wuthering Heights. It's not about the sparkly vampire. Really. And I know -- it does seem like Sendak is colluding. After that article about how self-conscious he is about his art I read in the NY Times, I think they're taking unfair advantage. I think he should know that we love his original enough that he doesn't have to let Hipster Eggers put his fingerprints all over it. Bah and bah again.

CK - I want to be brave enough to see District 9, the concept is soo good, but I'm a wimp. Thank you for watching it for me...

Ethel, dahling, I think you're the only one. But, I still love you. Even though they're totally butchering the picture book concept. And a FUZZY COVER?? Sigh.

That's my banister, A.F. Do you not love it? I have to pet it every time I leave the building. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Where the Wild Things Are is a perfect book. Whenever I read it to groups of kids, they get quiet and pay a lot of attention. It's a bit of a profound experience, no matter how many times I do it.