August 30, 2009

Wandering Through Cyberspace

I'm sorry to report that I have yet to detail the exciting events of last week in written form, but I'll do so soon on my personal blog, I promise. In the meantime, please to enjoy this selection of links for your reading amusement.

A technical-writer friend pointed out this article telling the truth about writers. Oh noes, now the secret's out! The only thing missing is the gratuitous bathroom and coffee breaks.

We had a great time interviewing Kazu Kibuishi for the Summer Blog Blast Tour a couple of years ago; for a more recent conversation with Kazu, cruise over to When you're done reading that, for a little bonus comics love, check out their list of Top 10 Movies Based on Comics and see if you agree. (My quick take: Kudos on including Persepolis, but I'm curious why Sin City wasn't included--though I haven't seen that yet.)

If your misspent youth is becoming an ever more distant memory (unless you're like me and write YA fiction and spend some excruciating moments reliving it), you may remember the movie Labyrinth. Another friend tipped me off to this interesting feminist interpretation of the movie. I kind of want to watch it again now, though I'm afraid it will have lost some of the luster it had when I first saw it around age 9-ish.

Hey writers! October 20 is the National Day on Writing, and Kidlitosphere folks are invited to contribute their experiences with A Lifetime of Reading to Franki and Mary Lee's gallery. Check out A Year of Reading for more info.

A new (to me, anyway) blog on PW about speculative fiction, called Genreville. Yay!

Reading is Fundamental's Book a Brighter Future project with Macy's is coming to an end tomorrow, August 31, so if you're a shopper, go shop and donate.

Lastly, for a tour around the Kidlitosphere, check out the latest Carnival of Children's Literature over at In Need of Chocolate. And that's it for me for today. More book reviews a-comin' sometime this week.


Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

thanks for the linky dinks

Kelly said...

Ohmygoodness, the article about writers is spot on! Thanks for that!

Saints and Spinners said...

I just read the Labrynth article with interest. (Parts of the film remind me of Sendak's Outside Over There.) I watched it again a few years ago, and there were parts that made me cringe that I had been sort-of okay with when I first saw it. The comments were intriguing, too. For some reason, I zeroed in an exchange regarding the writer asking a commenter not to address her with "um" as it was insulting and implied she was stupid, and the commenter responding with a variation of "I'm sorry you felt that way". I was reminded of the end of Labrynth and the Goblin King's rationalization of his cruelty as being done for Sarah's benefit.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Thanks, everyone, for cruising by! Farida, wasn't that Labyrinth article a fascinating one? I honestly had never thought about it that way, since it had been YEARS (well, maybe now it's been decades) since I last saw the movie. I didn't look closely at the comments, though. What a bizarre exchange!