April 29, 2013

I Stole This Idea

I got it here.
I was over on Jen Robinson's Book Page and found a great idea for a post: a roundup of Links Shared on Twitter This Week. I'm therefore going to steal it and do my own (although I'm informed that the credit should actually go to Tasha @ Waking Brain Cells - kudos to you both, anyway!). And I did find a few really good ones this week--articles and other interesting finds that I should be posting on here in the first place. :) I didn't tweet a lot this week, so I've gone back a bit further to round up a couple more, but anyway, here's what I was looking at:

Book and Writer-y Stuff:
Other Stuff:


LinWash said...

Cute Twitter pirate!!! Must. Have. Also, interesting links, especially the imposter article.

Jen Robinson said...

I like the Twitter pirate, too. I will look forward to your roundups - I think this is a good way to keep neat links from vanishing into Twitter (which is why I stole the idea from Tasha in the first place ;-))

Sarah Stevenson said...

Agreed, Jen--I've definitely been disappointed on multiple occasions when I've gone back to my Twitter feed to look for a link I posted and found it had evaporated.