April 11, 2013

Toon Thursday: Celebrity Death Match Returns!

Here's the cartoon I'd been planning to post last time, but just didn't have time to draw. I know, I know; the theme's already a little tired, but I couldn't resist. Apologies to all parties involved, fictional and non. As always, click to view larger.

Also, acknowledgments are due my husband for the line "I'm gonna Hunger Games your ass," which he directed at a mischievous squirrel while we were out hiking one day.


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...


I'm guessing Bella was happier at the end of her series (I didn't read past TWILIGHT but heard the subsequent details from others) than Katniss was at the end of hers.

Sarah Stevenson said...

She was much happier, once she recovered from the rather unnatural childbirth. (I, alas, was not, since Book 4 spent about six chapters solely on their wedding.)