April 05, 2013

five & dime friday

Hey, guys - it's been a busy, sad, crazy week. Our thoughts and lots of love are with CitySmartGirl, as she's just lost her father. A.F. is trying to concentrate and get her edits in, I'm still recovering from the sinus infection that ate my brain, and so today we've turning out our pockets for all of the small change and lint, in lieu of a real blog post.

Are you following "Girls of Color in YA Dystopia" @ bitch media this week? If not, catch up. Hat tip, CBC Diversity.

I still go almost daily to read new entries in the Race Card Project. It's kind of addicting.

Upcoming next week, A.F. and I talk self-publishing, which is obviously the buzz gaining a lot of ink just now.

The poetry of April rolls on with all the fabbity National Poetry Month activities Jama's keeping up with, even from afar. And, her eye candy picture of e.e. cummings still just makes me shake my head. that guy.

MsLexia's 2013 Women's Novel Competition is ON, chicas. If you've got a half-finished NaNoWriMo in the bottom drawer, now is the time. It's for the unpublished fiction author, you don't have to be a Brit, and it's worth your time. Go!

Free Book Friday has the newest Mary Robinette Kowal book as a giveaway. I just put that on the hold list at my library, and have read her second. If you've not read SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY, don't wait for my review (next week, I swear!) to do so! (These last two snippets courtesy of SF Signal.

We talk a lot in children's lit about reluctant readers, but a lot of the time this is coded language for boys. And what about the hyperactive girls? Other than the manic pixie dream girl, how is she portrayed in YA lit - or is she invisible?

And here's another fascinating topic: feminism in YA fiction - and in romance. Hat tip to Cynsations; this is a thought provoking piece, and the brilliant discussion happens best in the comments.

MICE!! Where have the crafters from Quernus Crafts been all my life? Hat tip, the Mary Sue.


Sarah Stevenson said...

ADORABLE MOUSIES. Dying of cute, here. Also, adorable e.e., apparently...

Race Card Project. WOW.

And, now you've given me plenty of weekend reading! :)

LinWash said...

Love all of these! And yes, I read that blog post by Rachel Lieberman (at the Ingrid's Notes blog) that Cynthia Leitich Smith commented on. Excellent!

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Thanks for that feminism link ... I absolutely think romance novels can be feminist.

tanita✿davis said...

@ A.F.: I know. The Mice!! Do I need tchotchkes? No, I do not. But... mice...! And the Race Card thing made my whole, like, life. It's a painful conversation sometimes - a hostile one some days - but then I read the comments that just keep shining like diamonds in coal dust...

@ Lin: I can only hope so. I don't want to write anything else.

@Jen: Hey, good to hear from you! Hope the work is flowing.

I love that the whole romance-feminism conversation is EVEN HAPPENING. Lots of Yay there.

Sarah Stevenson said...

In the age of Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, someone has to be having that conversation...