November 29, 2012

Random Notes and Blather

Today's supposed to be a Toon Thursday. But last weekend was Thanksgiving. I got behind on everything. I'm still catching up. It's gray and chilly outside and all I want to do is sit around under a blanket with a hot beverage and read until my eyeballs fall out. To that end, I went to the library a few days ago and came home with way more books than I had planned on getting. Still inhaling Bloody Jack books like there's no tomorrow, though I try to check out only one at a time so I can sort of pretend I'm savoring them. I think I have a writer crush on L.A. Meyer. I love that there is ongoing character development and change over the course of the series, and while the sense of adventure remains the same, Jacky is not quite the same person from book to book, and each one builds on the previous volume, unlike the Sweet Valley High model of series fiction with its insta-reset button.

On the topic of writing, Tanita and I are going to once again be doing an online short fiction project, but this time for realz and all. The Cracked Kettle will be us and three friends in Ireland, whipping up a weekly story in response to a visual prompt, all posted to our very own group blog, soon to be accessible to the general public once we've got some writing on there. We used to do this on our own blogs, posting for Flickr Fiction Friday, and then for a few years there we all got super busy with books and/or babies and whatnot. But now that the literal and metaphorical birthing has hit a lull, we'll be back to our old tricks, and hopefully come up with something we can all enjoy writing and that people will enjoy reading, too. I look forward in particular to resuming the discipline of having to play with a new idea every week. I'm not always able to sit around drafting fun new stuff, and this will be my excuse.

What's on your TBW (to be written) pile? Any super-secret-special ideas you want to share, that you're looking forward to tackling over the holidays or in the new year? (I swear I'm asking because I want to know, not because all of my web content articles require a "call to action" at the end and now I can't stop...)

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