September 04, 2012

Be Reading

Here are some quick links to things you should be reading this week:

**Children's Book Council has started up a new discussion on IT'S COMPLICATED - and here's yesterday's piece, and today's. They're covering covers.

**Ursula Vernon, winner of a Hugo for graphic DIGGER, has managed to elbow Neil Gaiman in the chest and bury him in guacamole, in a quest for free nachos. This is the lie they've agreed upon, anyway. Congratulations to all the Hugo peeps, but it still makes us happy that a spotlight has been shined on a middle-grade book!

**Gwenda Bond did a nice write-up over at John Scalzi's "Whatever" blog. She discussesThe Big Idea behind her tale of Roanoke Island.

I have twelve friends who are born this month, so must race out and buy yet another card. Happy September thus far!


LinWash said...

Wow, great stuff! And I'm placing DIGGER on my wish list right now!

tanita✿davis said...

I'm so excited for Ursula Vernon; her books are so cute, and I love her artwork. It's a goal of mine to someday own one of her gouache pieces. It's all so quirky and weird and fun.

Also: she's beginning a fairytale retelling series that I'm really excited for!