September 26, 2012

Be Reading: A More Diverse Universe

In case you missed it, we had a lovely read through THORN this week for our Diverse Universe reading tour post. Other notable bloggers have reviewed LUCRETIA AND THE KROOMS by Victor LaValle, SO LONG BEEN DREAMING, edited by Nalo Hopkinson, THE STEAMPOWERED GLOBE, edited by Rosemary Lim, which features Singaporean writers, and Thomas King's GREEN GRASS, RUNNING WATER. Our very own Charlotte from CHARLOTTE'S LIBRARY (who gave us the heads-up on this whole gig) is posting later today on Virginia Hamilton's 1989 1978 JUSTICE AND HER BROTHERS, which she believes just might be the very first spec fiction novel published in the US with an African American girl as the main character. (I'm a little chagrined that I'd never heard of this book before today!)

There's SO much to read and peruse in the list over at The Booklust Blog. Please don't miss it!


Charlotte said...

Hi Tanita!

Thanks for the mention; my post is up! Justice is actually 1978, earlier than the edition you were looking at. I am surprised you'd never heard of it before! I feel that it has been haunting my peripheral book vision for decades, and I'm really glad I finally took the plunge and read it.

tanita✿davis said...

Ah. I thought the date seemed weirdly later - I don't recall the year she died, but I thought it was prior to '89. I didn't like the author's work particularly, mainly because people pushed her on me - as one of the few girls of color in my school, I OBVIOUSLY had to read/love Virginia Hamilton. I avoided her like the plague, and wished people would just let me choose my own interests, which veered much further toward Diana Wynne Jones than Hamilton's dreadful realism.

I had NO idea she wrote magical realism/spec fic. Will check it out!

Sarah Stevenson said...

What a lot of intriguing books to watch out for! WONDERFUL.