May 04, 2012

May the Fourth...!

Saturday the fifth of May - it's not just for whackin' pinatas this year. It's also the first Saturday in May, which means it's Free Comic Book Day! Check the site for your nearest participating comic shop.

A perfect time to catch up on all the characters in The Avengers, no? You do realize the movie is a compilation of the last four superhero movies produced in the last year, all based on comic book characters...?

Meanwhile, today badly punning geeksters everywhere acknowledge - it's Star Wars Day! ... May the Fourth be with you!

Okay, okay, you can stop beating your head against the keyboard. I know the pun was bad... I can't take it back, though. Star Wars remains one of the deepest, most common roots of an 80's American childhood -- often parodied, re-interpretated, and re-watched. The latest incarnation of the epic series is just way, way too cute. From the ever-fabulous Chronicle Books comes DARTH VADER AND SON, by humorist, father, and cartoonist Jeffrey Brown. Now you can imagine the phrase, "Luke... I am your father," as the exasperated reminder from a parent about who's boss.

A perfect Father's Day gift for the long-suffering Sith Lord parent in your life?

More fun images from the book here.


Sarah Stevenson said...

You are not the only one to say "May the Fourth be with you" to me....SIGH.

tanita✿davis said...

Stick with me, girly. Geeks will someday rule the world. Even badly punning geeks... Oh, c'mon. People still read Piers Anthony!!! ☺