February 16, 2012

Tune In Tomorrow...

...for a wonderfully thought-provoking guest post from Ashley Hope Pérez, author of What Can't Wait and The Knife and the Butterfly. If you've got an opinion on "edgy" YA and what the term means, or if you're even wondering what the heck it DOES mean in the first place, please stop by and check it out.

In the meantime, a quick tidbit of news that should be heartening to hardworking authors everywhere, via Cynthia Leitich Smith:

Together with The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), beloved author Jane Yolen has created a new grant to honor an oft-overlooked group: Midlist authors. These are authors who have consistently sold work but are not bestsellers.

According to Jane, "In these difficult book times, well-reviewed and honored authors often find themselves stalled in their writing lives and find they are having trouble selling new work. In our attention to up-and-coming authors, we, the reading public, often ignore these mid-list writers who struggle to remain true to their personal vision and craft. This grant is to say: SCBWI honors you, we recognize you, we are paying attention to your work."
Bravo to Jane and to SCBWI! To read more about it and check out a video clip, visit Cynsations. I am consistently amazed at what we can do, and what we DO do, for one another as children's/YA authors, and what a supportive field it is. Of course, by supporting one another, I believe we all benefit.


tanita✿davis said...

I was really excited to hear about this award - grant - thingy. Too many people sort of "toil in the trenches" and never feel that they are connecting, and I think this is a really satisfying sort of award, a "we, your peers, acknowledge and love you." Love it.

tanita✿davis said...

Also: for the longest time, there was no way to comment on Cynsations and so I'd periodically drop Cynthia an email. And now you can comment, so as a community we can delurk!

Sarah Stevenson said...

I know! I discovered not too long ago that it was suddenly possible to comment, and that made me very happy. :) Now I can express the well-deserved kudos publicly.

Ashley Hope Pérez said...

This is fantastic news. Good for everybody. Yay for Cynthia, Jane Yolen, and SCBWI. They make paying it forward look easy... but it's not. So much gratitude is in order.