February 22, 2012

How Did I Miss...?

'Scape Zine.
How did I miss this?
A new venue for young adult fiction, poetry and reviews of speculative fiction, and it's on its third issue already. Directed toward young adults and those who enjoy young adult SFF/speculative fiction, 'Scape is produced by a team of brilliant young things led by editor-in-chief Peta Freestone, a 2011 graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop at UCSD. 'Scape is published four times a year.

Do you not love the logo? I love the logo.

'Scape is a fresh YA SFF 'zine, concentrating its focus on unusual settings: unique worlds, fresh takes on the future, geographic and cultural contexts that aren’t often featured in fantasy and scifi. They're actively seeking stories that make them think, make them ponder, make them wonder, and which are geared to thinking young adults - not children. Surprise, writers: is a paying market, and they only accept original content - nothing in the fan-fic/derivative works category. They're after fiction with a twist, tightly written, brilliantly plotted pieces that makes readers think and care and dream in colors they've never seen. If you're not sure your piece is YA-friendly, check out Speculation or Formula? in their first issue, and read a definition at Broad Universe's What Makes YA? Those should help clarify.

'Scape is actively seeking submissions in fiction, poetry, and speculative fiction related artwork -- and they're also actively seeking slush readers. All staff are volunteers, but this is one of those great things to put on a writing résumé, if you're of a mind to get involved seriously with the speculative fiction writing community.

Check it out.


LinWash said...

Wow. I missed this is as well. Will pass on the news to my classmates.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, wow. If I had ANY EXTRA TIME at all I would do something, anything for them. Awesome.

BTW, I had a thought, which is maybe we should do a list somewhere on the blog (like on a Page, or in the sidebar) of links to YA zines...