July 03, 2011

Hunger Mountain: Bright & Dark

Need a break from potato salad and parades?
Have a bit of brain food:

After all the brouhaha about That Woman and the Wall Street Journal Thingy, and the idea of YA lit being "dark," Hunger Mountain explores the themes of bright and shadow in this month's edition. Neesha Meminger kicks it off with a piece on the task and purpose of writing - are you writing to impart lessons - which is what it seemed that the WSJ chick wanted YA writers to do - or do you only want to create art? Is there a way to even only do that anymore? All stories contain a message... what's yours?

The Flipside pieces bring out another dimension of messages, lessons, darkness and light in YA lit. It's Jennifer Ziegler for the light, and Clare B. Dunkle comes to us from the dark side. (Exciting! love her work) As always, there's the happy array of short fiction, a couple of pieces from new writers, and we want to especially point out the one from Jen Hubbard called "Monsters." You'll want to see that.

Read. Savor. Have another helping of potato salad.

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