December 17, 2010

Steampunk/Alt History Week: One Last Hurrah

Our final (I think) steampunk/alt history week post is all about linkage. If you're looking for a full roundup of this week's steampunk links, check out the list at Chasing Ray.

As for us, here, today--we wanted to give another shout-out to some of the books and authors that have been discussed this week, here and around the blogosphere, by highlighting various steampunk/alt history-ish posts we've done in the past. So, all in one place for your edification and entertainment, here you go:

Hopefully it'll be useful to you as well as to us to have all of our steampunk-related stuff in one place, the better for fanboys and -girls to be fanboyish and fangirlish. Or something.

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