December 26, 2010

Need a New Year's Resolution? Shiny Happy Sewing

(WARNING: A blog post completely off the topic of YA lit, but a great idea to pass along to your craftastic readers, if you're a librarian.)

Been thinking, I have.
That's always dangerous.

But, here's the thing: I read. I write. Aquafortis is completely all artsy. And so many bloggers are crafty and artistic and sew-y and embroidery and felt-ish. And... I And write. And occasionally attempt to make paper dolls. Which is cool, seriously, I'm deeply grateful for my literacy, and my ability to cut paper. But you'd think that I could read enough to understand a pattern or embroidery directions or could figure out how to crochet.

Here's a sad and pathetic secret: I read craft blogs. I look at fabric with lust. And I can't figure out how to put thread into a sewing machine.

Enter Wendi Gratz (former children's book industry mogul and wife of Horatio Wilkes mystery-writer Alan. Also mother of the most awesome junior con-costume maker EVER), consummate crafter and owner of a really neat Zibbet Shop called Shiny Happy World. You will be "sew happy" to hear she's teaching your Home Ick flunking (it wasn't my fault! Mrs. Henry hates me!), eighth-grade-apron-non-finishing loserishness how to sew (or embroider) in 2011.

Oh, wait, what? That was only me who didn't finish that apron?
No, I refuse to believe I'm the only loser. SOMEONE ELSE out there has always muttered a little bit about how they wish they COULD sew -- well, now here's your chance. Check out the site. Gather your materials. Sign up for the newsletter. And -- ready set, New Year's Resolution.

I refuse to be the only one breaking needles and wondering what bias tape is for. Plus, Leila can sew. Do you want to be looking bad in front of Leila?

I didn't think so.

I'd say it's going to be fun, but ...this is me, sewing. I may need some moral support here in awhile... or maybe someone else can do it, and I'll watch?


Sarah Stevenson said...

That is a fabulous resolution, IMHO. I would personally love to learn to sew...better. I can sew a little. I can sew giant rectangles suitable for curtains. That's about it. I can sew other things, but not unsupervised.

And, let me just say OH PLEASE on the artsy thing. Personally, I think that amazing cooking is an art and you and D. have that down!

Sara said...

I dream amazing fabric patterns. That's as close as I come to creating anything cloth-like in beauty. I gave up sewing long ago when even curtains confounded and defeated me.

But I admire and fully support your resolution. And look forward to your bloggy posts about your adventures in Sew-land.

Mary Lee said...

I second what aquafortis said about your cooking, also your photography: BOTH ARE ART!

Good luck with the sewing. Every time I need to hem some pants, I'm thankful mom bought me sewing lessons as a tween. My one big sewing project in life was hubby's thick terry cloth robe. Still amazes me when he wears it that I MADE THAT! Sewing gives you super powers. 2011 is your year.

Tabatha said...

I am pretty much your twin, when it comes to lack of knowledge/doing badly at Home Blec and simultaneously longing to be able to make stuff. I will be cheering you on!!

tanita✿davis said...

Sewing is a superpower!! How did I not know that??

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita, I have a hard time with patterns. But I keep buying them. Ahem. Mary Lee is right about sewing being a super power (though I think she said that it GAVE one superpowers). Taking a two-dimensional diagram and being able to read it so that it becomes three-dimensional is an impressive feat indeed.

Making doll clothes is satisfying. Making clothes for children is still challenging, but doable. Making clothes for an adult human being... hmmm. How about a pot-holder? I've got some cool pot-holders planned!

I'll be your moral support.