December 16, 2010

Steampunk/Alt History Week: Dress the Part

(l-r) Deacon Boondini, the Great Gatsby and Giovanni James of the James Gang, a neovaudevillean performance troupe, as photographed by Robert Wright for The New York Times, May, 2008

A lot of the fun of steampunk fiction is imagining the outfits. And then wearing them.

I lurk on a blog called Multiculturalism for Steampunk. It's a steamer trunk full of clothes, foods, stories and traditions from different nations and peoples, with added goggles, gears, gun belts, tassels, and cravats.

It is so neat.

If I were a gadzillionaire, and had the means to persuade otherwise busy people to do my bidding, do you know who I'd get to design ALL of my clothes? D.M. Cornish. He was recently interviewed at The Enchanted Inkpot about the awesome that is the Monster Blood Tattoo series (okay, okay, Foundling Trilogy, whatever), and THIS most gorgeous and swashy-buckled outfit came to light -- a sketch he didn't use in book three. I. Want.

Sigh. But alas, not a gadzillionaire, and I really need D.M. to keep writing me more books anyway. So.

If you could put together the most AWESOME steampunk outfit ever, what would it be?
Why aren't you wearing it now??

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Sarah Stevenson said...

That is an awesome coat! And how smokin' hot are those guys up there?? I'll definitely have to check out that blog.