December 19, 2010

Star Wars Meets Awesome

You should see the one of Yoda.

Well, no, it's not really a picture book drawn by Seuss, either. I can't remember who brought this one to my attention, but you can find more "Seussified" Star Wars pages at the blog of The Mighty Adam, Seattle-based cartoonist Adam Watson's blog. (He drew this, plus some really awesome playing cards. Why does so much of the cool stuff happen in Seattle?)

And speaking of cool stuff and Star Wars: why set up your nursery with anything less than awesome? A is for Ackbar is the geektastically awesome project of artist Brandon Peat and his wife Emma, who created it while awaiting the birth of their first child. It's the illustrated Star Wars alphabet, and it's REALLY cool.

They're not yet available for purchase as wall decals, but you can buy them as a picture book.

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Don't forget to check in at this month's story blog, THE DECEMBER LIGHTS PROJECT. There are some truly funny, strange, fey little tales, all with the requisite happy ending we all need during these dark days. Thanks for the love, Patrick Samphire and Stephanie Burgis!


Sarah Stevenson said...

That Star Wars alphabet picture book looks like awesomeness!!

Maggie Desmond-O'Brien said...

Oh bahahaha. Not that I ever say bahahaha, but I haven't read anything all day more worthy of a snort. Thanks for sharing!

tanita✿davis said...

Hey, Mags, thanks for dropping by, snorts and all. ;)