November 15, 2010

Adjust Your Goggles and Fire Up Those Steam Engines...

You. Us. That is, anybody who enjoys reading steampunk fiction and other forms of alternate history.

The week of December 13th.

A blog near you. Like this one.

Alt History/Steampunk Celebration Week!

Many of us around the kidlitosphere and beyond will take some time that week to celebrate and discuss great books--especially YA and crossover titles--with steampunk and alternate history themes. Here at FW we'll post a review or two, take a look back at some past posts featuring steampunk books and authors, and we may even raise a few questions about the writing craft.

Oh, yeah--there's also a CONTEST! You can read all the details at Bookshelves of Doom, but essentially this is a CREATE-YOUR-OWN-STEAMPUNK-BOOK-COVER contest. Cruise on over to Leila's blog, select one of the eligible titles, and try your hand at hooking the audience. Deadline's December 15th. And there are PRIZES! Namely books! And approximately 15 minutes of internet fame.

Tune in here on Friday for another teaser, and of course join us here, at Bookshelves of Doom, Chasing Ray, and MANY OTHER PLACES for Alt History/Steampunk Week.

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