July 27, 2010

The View from the Club House

William and Julie's Wedding 87

Sadly, we have not gone fishing. Or, golfing, as this picture was taken from the 18th hole of a gorgeous golf club a couple hours north of the city. Unfortunately, we are not goofing off. (Much.)

Work is taking place this summer, and we are plotting our Next Big Things.

Brilliant discussion is going on other places in the blogosphere - we've been thinking about The Boy Thing. David Elzey has some good things to say about writing fiction for gents -- and the idea that the main character does not define the audience is probably a new one for a lot of people, but really resonated with us, as do author Hannah Moskowitz's thoughts -- she who says we as writers have stereotyped, sanitized and stripped boys of substance. Our imaginary Them is pretty pale and wan. Word.

Jacket Whys and Jacknet Knack are two of our favorite YA kidlit cover trendspotting blogs -- and now ShelfTalker is joining in the fun. As amusing as all of these trends are, it still bugs both of us that so many book covers look almost exactly the same. What's up with that? Why does publishing try so hard on the surface to avoid original content? Trends, schmends.

In the nicest, Bonny Glen sort of way, but jealous nonetheless. We are jealous of the rest of you who went, too.

That is all.


Unknown said...

Oh Tanita, I wish you'd been there! I would have loved to hang out with you in person. :) Maybe next year! And when/if you come, bring a sketchbook...the awesome Jenni Holm passed mine around the table at the kidlit dinner, and I came home with sketches by an amazing assembly of artists. Including Bob Boyle, Dan Santat and Raina Telgemeier, so you know I am totally squee.

Any chance you'll be at ALA Midwinter? It's here in sunny San Diego...tempting! I'll be there. :)

Sarah Stevenson said...

It was so much fun reading your tweets and those of everyone else at Comic-Con--I could at least vicariously enjoy it! :)

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, Melissa, I WISH! And that pad of art from all those fab people sounds like something to truly cherish.

:waaah!: Wish I'd been there. Maybe next time.